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Project Director: Prof. Dr. Hermann Lühr


CHAMP (CHAllenging Minisatellite Payload) is a German small satellite mission for geoscientific and atmospheric research and applications, managed by GFZ. With its highly precise, multifunctional and complementary payload elements (magnetometer, accelerometer, star sensor, GPS receiver, laser retro reflector, ion drift meter) and its orbit characteristics (near polar, low altitude, long duration) CHAMP will generate for the first time simultaneously highly precise gravity and magnetic field measurements over a 5 years period. This will allow to detect besides the spatial variations of both fields also their variability with time. The CHAMP mission had opened a new era in geopotential research and had become a significant contributor to the Decade of Geopotentials.

In addition with the radio occultation measurements onboard the spacecraft and the infrastructure developed on ground, CHAMP had become a pilot mission for the pre-operational use of space-borne GPS observations for atmospheric and ionospheric research and applications in weather prediction and space weather monitoring.

End of the mission of CHAMP was at September 19 2010, after ten years, two month and four days, after 58277 orbits.


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The 10 Years anniversary of CHAMP will be celebrated with a colloquium on

June 30 2010

by GFZ Potsdam.

More information (Program, Travel-Information and Map, etc.) is provided by this link.

02 June 2010.
At February 22, 2010, 03:15 UTC till about 03:57 UTC, CHAMP was turned in a scheduled manoeuvre and is now configured to fly with the boom trailing.

This was done in preparation for the final phase of the CHAMP mission to minimize the need for gas consumption during the impending orbital decay.

On the other hand it can be taken as a test of the influence of the wake effect for the incoming ESA mission Swarm, which is designed to use the trailing boom configuration.

24 Feb 2010.

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Jul 6 - 8, 2004: Joint CHAMP/GRACE Science Meeting , held at GeoForschungsZentrum , Potsdam

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Combination Gravity Field Model EIGEN-CG01C (CHAMP-GRACE-TERR.)

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